Nenad Popovic

Minister of Innovation and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia

Dr. Nenad Popovic currently serves as the Serbian Minister of Innovation and Technological Development.  He is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, economist, and author who retired from all of his business enterprises in order to enter public service full time in his native Serbia.  He is applying his very unique background and business experience to benefit the Serbian entrepreneurial ecosystems, and move Serbia towards a more promising and innovative technological future.  He hopes to turn Serbia into a regional and global tech leader through his initiatives to cut bureaucracy, increase and expand budgets for Serbian entrepreneurs, and create investment incentives and opportunities.  He is a fierce advocate for Serbian technology and innovation, and tirelessly promotes it to foreign Governments, investors, and global tech companies.

ABS Electro, the company Dr. Popovic founded 25 years ago started as a trading and production company producing aluminum electro-technical equipment and automation systems for factories.  Over the years it grew to 3,000 employees with 6 factories in Russia and annual revenues of more than 200 million EUROS.  They are a leading supplier of secondary electro-technical equipment to power stations, hydro-electric, and hydro-nuclear facilities in Russia and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Popovic is the author of eight books on a variety of topics including Economy and Management, Economic Relations between Serbia and Russia, Kosovo and Metohija, and Political and Economic Neutrality for Serbia.  He received his BA in Mechanical Engineering in 1991 from the University of Belgrade, and an MA and PhD in Economics from Moscow State Mining University in 2001.  He was a Professor at that University as well.

In 2002 Dr. Popovic founded ABS Slavyanskiy, a charitable foundation that supports various projects benefiting children, culture, science, education and sports.  He is the Chairman of the Serbian Olympic Gymnastic Association and previously served as President of Partisan Belgrade FC.

A Serbian Orthodox, Dr. Popovic is very active in the Church and has received several prestigious awards recognizing his dedicated involvement and contributions.  He also received the Medal of Humanity of the State Union Serbia and Montenegro for his exceptional work in aiding the Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija.