Natanail Stefanov

Chief Enthusiast at BESCO

Natanail Stefanov is the Chief Enthusiast at BESCO – the Bulgarian Startup Association. He loves Bulgaria and is devoted to working for the economic and social development of the country. He has got diversе professional background having worked on various projects for different organisations, including startups, government institutions, NGOs, international corporations, and local businesses.

His personal mission with BESCO is to establish better communication between the startup community and institutions, so that an even friendlier business and investment environment is created, through legislation improvements, more effective policies, and specific actionable initiatives. Another priority is to promote Bulgaria as “The European Startup Incubator”. Due to its partnership network, BESCO supports companies based in Bulgaria to internationalize and innovate more effectively, sharing the experience, know-how, and contacts of its partners.

As a personality Natanail is keenly interested in entrepreneurship, formal and informal education, business, arts, culture, and social activities. He also teaches at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University.